Sitting here editing pics for

the collab blog "SeeingInDouble" (graffiti blog)

check it out if you have the chance

really good pics by DigitalJay and I

Took some new pics

for the collab blog

@Digital Jay and I took some pics on some train tracks we found

a hidden entrance and all. I felt like a writer for a hot second lol

'twas a fun experience and must do it again soon!

The weather is getting better

Hopefully I can find some time to go out shooting some graffiti again!

Seen/heard about new pieces popping up

cant wait to go check them out

Bout to go shooting for SeeingInDouble

time to add some new photos!

I been slacking, cant even lie

but the holidays and the weather hindered progress

It’s a new year so I gotta get back on the grind shun


In the meantime go check out my collab blog